Invited Talks

Workshops and Conferences

  • 2019, June 18th - Salt Lake City, USA. Math in the Desert Workshop. Submanifold learning with variational autoencoders: Application to brain manifold learning.

  • 2019, March 16th - San Francisco, USA. Molecular Med Tri-Conference & Bio-IT West. Building a Computational Model of the Human Anatomy using Medical Images.

  • 2018, July 15th - Stockholm, Sweden. International Conference of Machine Learning (ICML), Workshop Geometry in Machine Learning (GiMLi). Geometric Statistics: Learning from Medical Images?

  • 2018, January 28th - Oberwolfach, Germany. Meeting of the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach.Geometric Statistics for Computational Anatomy in the Session on Statistics for Data with Geometric Structures.

  • 2017, December 16th - London, UK. 10th International Conference on Computational and Methodological Statistics (CMStatistics 2017). Geometric Statistics for Computational Anatomy in the Session on Statistics for data with geometric structure.

  • 2017, November 16th - Cambridge, UK. Shape analysis and computational anatomy workshopTemplate shape estimation: correcting an asymptotic bias.

  • 2017, September 23rd - Orlando, USA. American Mathematical Society (AMS) Sectional Meeting. Estimation on manifolds: synchronization of rotations for cryo-electron microscopy in the Special Session on Mathematics of Biomolecules: Discrete, Algebraic, and Topological.

  • 2015, February 19th - Vienna, Austria. International Workshop on Infinite-Dimensional Riemannian Geometry with Applications to Image Matching and Shape Analysis. Erwin Schroedinger International Institute for Mathematics and Physics. Noise Effects on Quotient Spaces M/G. 


  • 2019, February 20th - Berkeley, USA. Seminar of UC Berkeley. Statistics on Shape Data: Correcting an Asymptotic Bias in Template Shape Estimation.

  • 2018, May 19th - Baltimore, USA. Seminar of John Hopkins University, Center of Imaging Science. Geometric Statistics for Image Analysis.

  • 2017, December 20th - Goettingen, Germany. Goettingen Statistics Seminar. Open questions in Geometric Statistics.

  • 2017, December 13th - London, UK. BioMedIA Seminar of the Department of Computing, Imperial College London.Geometric Statistics for medical image computing.

  • 2017, November 29th - Kingston, Canada. Seminar at Queen's Hospital. AI for Diagnostic Radiology.

  • 2016, June 7th - Stanford, USA. Stanford Statistics Seminar. Template shape estimation in Computational Anatomy. 

  • 2015, November 2nd - Montpellier, France. Statistics Seminar of Université de Montpellier. Statistical properties of the Fréchet mean in quotient spaces. Applications to Computational Anatomy.