Welcome to my home page! My name is Nina, I am a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer in the Statistics Department of Stanford University, USA. I work with Susan Holmes, Russell Poldrack and Xavier Pennec.

My research aims to create computational representations of the human body, i. e. systematic and quantitative descriptions of organ shapes and functions, together with their normal and pathological variations in the population. I am particularly interested in leveraging these representations to implement new computer-assisted diagnosis methods and develop innovative treatments for diseases.

I am a lecturer for the classes “Introduction to Statistical Methods: Precalculus“ (2019) and “Statistical Methods for Engineering and the Physical Sciences“ (2018, 2019) at Stanford University. I am a reviewer for the scientific journals Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision JMLR (2015, 2017) and Biometrika (2018) as well as a reviewer for the conferences NeurIPS (2016, 2018), International Conference of Machine Learning ICML (2019), Geometric Science of Information GSI (2017, 2019). I am a member of the scientific committee of the Conference of Geometric Science of Information (GSI) (2017, 2019) and I was one of the two lead organizers of the workshop on Brain Computing at the Berkeley-Inria-Stanford annual meeting (2017).

Feel free to contact me at nmiolane at stanford.edu. You can follow me on: Github, LinkedIn, Twitter: @ninamiolane.